101 Ways (the things a girl will do to keep her Volvo) chronicles the epic adventures of Watson, a struggling young writer who moves to the quiet suburbs to pen her first novel. A New York City native, Watson isn’t much of a driver, and her over-protective mother forces her to buy a car she can’t afford – a brand new Volvo. Watson falls in love with the car, but real life quickly catches up to her in the form of the repo man when she falls behind on her monthly payments.

To avoid losing her beloved wheels, Watson tries her hand at two of the oldest professions: waiting tables and phone sex. At the same time, she tries to ignite her stagnant love life by pursuing a sexually-phobic pilot, an aloof supermarket cashier and a cute cop .The result is a refreshing comedy packed with star cast performances and an overriding moral: Volvos come with safety features. Life doesn’t. Starring: Wendy Hoopes, Ken Marino, Gabriel Macht, Glenn Fitzgerald and Jaime Harrold.

***DIRECTOR’S NOTE: After the feature film scenes, enjoy 3 bonus scenes from the original 101 Ways short that helped secure funding for the feature: 101 Ways To Get Fucked Without Having Sex (the things a girl will do to keep her Volvo).


Showtime, HBO

Comedy Feature Film